Advocare is an American marketing company which was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus. They operate in the skin care and nutrition products industry and employs around 250 employees within the Unites States. Their current headquarters is situated in Plano, Texas. Their products are currently distributed all throughout the United States via a network of approximately 60,000 distributors. They are in turn rewarded based on a multilevel marketing product.

Now that the history and introduction has been made, you must be wondering what is Advocare. Their aim is in providing nutritious, sports performance, weight management, and skin care products which are not only innovative, but healthy as well. Founded by Charles Regus in 199, the name Advocare came into being because of his desire in providing products to communicating his vision of being an advocate who cared for people.

what is advocare

The basis of their success is dependent on 10 principles which have been personally developed by the founder himself. These are as follows:
• Honor our family, faith, and friends through God
• Strengthen and respect the family
• Believe in the importance of the individual and in the dignity
• Create a standard of superiority which is considered as excellent and a benchmark by the direct sales industry
• Believe that integrity, honor, and principles are the foundation of not only a great company but a great life as well
• Commit to trust and mutual loyalty between Advocare and its distributors
• Establish and continuously improve the medium of opportunity and the pursuit of financial freedom for all the distributors working for the company
• Commit to the ongoing personal development and growth through educational programs and professional training
• Build your self-esteem by promoting a sense of personal worth amungst all groups of people
• Go on to expand our market by providing the highest quality and the most effective products and services which can be made available.

At Advocare, their aim is to build champions and they are continuing to do this with no end to their success. The CEO, Brian Connolly brings a passion and intensity into the organization. This helps in empowering business innovation and entrepreneurs to a company which is already successful.

The independent distributors which Advocare employs are considered to be some of the best in the industry. Through dedication, hard work, mutual loyalty, and respect, Advocare has been able to become first-class in its operations. And the founding father believed in this vision right from the beginning. Their commitment to high-class customer service and selling products of exceptional quality has allowed them to move forward. In addition, they believe in transparency. Since it is a health care industry, they would not like to take the responsibility of impacting their customer’s lives in a negative manner.

Their motto “Do the right thing when nobody is looking” is something which they try to implement in everything that they do. And that is why they continue to give back to the communities and people which gave so much to them. They do this in the form of Advocare Foundation – a program specifically dedicated to the distributors.