Shelf Above Wall Mounted Tv

Shelf Above Wall Mounted Tv

Shelf Above Wall Mounted Tv

Shelf Above Wall Mounted Tv – Hi there, Brian from AV-Express here to review the Aeon line of TV wall mounts with shelf and TV wall mount with shelves. A TV wall mount with shelves creates a modern look for your TV and audio video equipment. The black piano finish adds a sleek look that shouts look at me! All while making the most of functionality. The TV wall mount with shelf, TV wall mount with two shelves, and even the TV wall mount with three shelves have many benefits. Functional, efficient, modern look, and simplicity to name a few. Let’s look at these benefits a little closer. We have heard from our customers about the valuable floor space they have regained by placing their TV and equipment on this TV mount with shelves.

By mounting your TV on the wall and the audio/video equipment as well, there is less need for the entertainment center as we know it! This TV mount with shelf adds a unique ability to swivel up to 12 degrees in each direction towards the viewing area simply by pivoting the TV mount section. This Plexiglas reflects a 55″ TV. The mount will handle most TV brands and sizes. Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Panasonic to name a few. And screen sizes like 32, 39, 42, 50, 55 and even 60 inches. Not sure if your TV will fit? Visit our website and choose TV mount finder, or at the item level click does it fit. We have a TV Mount Fit Guarantee. Use the TV mount finder and “Your TV Fits Guaranteed or We Pay All Fees” Even return shipping.

If it says it fits, it fits. Now who wants to look at a sleek, modern TV wall mount and be able to see the wires? With a cleverly designed channel in the column, your wires are out of sight. Power cords, HDMI cables are well hidden from view. This also enables you to hide the wires without going through the wall and making holes and without hiring an electrician to do it. A small mounting plate is attached to the wood studs or concrete wall with just 2 screws. Once the TV mount with shelves is assembled, you simply hang it on the wall plate and 2 more screws anchor it in place. This mounting hardware is included. The TV wall mount with one shelf could be attached to drywall with anchors which are not included.

Each shelf is black 8mm thick tempered safety glass which enhances the look and overall design. Perfect for cable and satellite boxes, DVD players, gaming consoles even audio video receivers. Measuring 17.5″ wide and 14″ deep (12″ deep of usable shelf space), each shelf has the ability to hold up to 35 pounds without exceeding the total weight of 110 pounds including the TV. Maximum TV weight is 80 pounds Overall, these TV wall mounts with shelves are a great option for those looking to create a modern look, while employing functionality, efficiency and simplicity. Visit to see the TV wall mount with shelf, TV wall mount with two shelves and the TV wall mount with three shelves.

To locate these models, go to and in the search bar type in TV mount with shelf. For many other styles and types of mounts, visit our website at or call us at 877-302-8397.

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