Slim Depth Gas Fireplace

Slim Depth Gas Fireplace

Slim Depth Gas Fireplace

Slim Depth Gas Fireplace – Guys here’s quick little post on how frame fireplace we these nice little between these windows construction living. Room want a fireplace between there looking around online, seeing some videos there’s not that break down this. Real simple this slim fireplace it’s only half inches, deep roughly which real nice it’s sticking from. The wall it’s completely finished in framing i’ll walk, along the way decided that didn’t want to hurt. Hearth made platform so it’s just frame side, and then used three quarter inch subfloor platform the fireplace. Would right there and then according specs which with, fireplace that you’ll get.

Spec sheet they’ll have. Your measurements something similar to this that tells your, clearances and that need your opening and things like. That according that we framed figured knew how why, figured what total was from from side side. Wide we wanted then just came in found center, point then measured out these sides the opening same. Measured here to opening height on this then just, framed in the rest very simple it’s pretty pretty. Self explanatory then we capped again with another, piece of inch solid that right what. You see there wanted place our electronics figured.

That, inches will plenty space here have cable xbox whatever side. Side only need inches of space there’s gonna, three quarter inch finish lumber here here so end. About inch opening tv will hang about what, most fireplaces they straight up from front fireplace straight ceiling. Like that just know straight here and they’ll follow, that straight i didn’t like that want little bit. More texture design mine is sitting back in where, this total and three quarter inches here this inches. We’re setting back about four inches then we’ll, able to have room electronics in there because they’re. Very deep anymore.

Obviously fireplace when it sits back, only will have a mantel that sticks from. Here but then will back here the heat from, fireplace isn’t affecting it much look your code. What you need have your distance between the fireplace bottom, where your mantel will you’re gonna you’re gonna that. Here six inches then every inch sticking needed another, eighth of inch believe a lot manufacturers will recommend. I think inches from of the opening fireplace not necessarily, opening here when you fireplace where the opening where. Heat comes the top mantel then have your, tv above that you’re overheating and cooking.

Your television. Pretty basic design pretty simple wasn’t finding online that, specifically what know showing what wanted to there thought. This might help for somebody who’s doing their, own fireplace built

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