Small Cape Cod Living Room

Small Cape Cod Living Room

Small Cape Cod Living Room

Small Cape Cod Living Room – I’m Gonna be giving guys updated house tour i did, house tour when first before we moved house. Completely empty told guys that would do updated once, moved and had furniture that kind of stuff it took. Longer than thought it was going make this, video we’ve been here months there were time what. Wanted but then like don’t really like how this, room looks still want do something this room. We’re like this wasn’t perfect just kept putting, it off just like know what i got just. Because it’s probably not gonna much better than, this because planning buying.

oUr own house really gonna. Be doing much more this house be like little, like little tiny things here there which doesn’t. Really matter yeah spent whole morning like tidying house, so that will look decent enough this video just. Gonna ahead get right into show guys what, it looks like since we’ve been living here while. Okay am standing entryway area door is right behind, then there’s a little entryway then this stair. So when first come the stairs then living room, yeah this living room this what looks like couch. Rid of first that that one was uncomfortable.

Much happier, with this new couches from ashley furniture case you’re. Wondering then rug for this room also different rug, point from home depot it from home depot. Yeah what forget i bought online somewhere so bad, scratchy from home depot yeah that’s right we returned. That home depot we got another from home, depot this one is much better it’s really. Really soft love this it’s it’s shaggy it’s greatest, for like kids vacuuming stuff i don’t like that. Much about i just like looks really soft comfy, cozy then over here just have some chases. Toys the kitchen.

Little basket toys and the playpen, have the playpen didn’t have that here for longest. Time kind of need some time that’s just, over there corner then the fireplace here this area that. I wanted decorate like make look all pretty stuff, just never happened could never find something particular that. Looking for the back just could never find anything, else that wanted there so after christmas took. My decorations down it’s kind just become place where, things that i want like keep away from. Chase you always just have like clickers up here, keep laptop here because i don’t.

Really have. Anywhere else put it where can’t two shoeboxes here, then that stuff back there it’s going stay. There we’re gonna hang that picture have to find, somewhere else that it’s just there time being. That’s what that’s looking like have like my little, valentine’s day decoration then have stand and over here. Can’t really see stand well it’s really cute it’s, from wayfarer i’ll try to leave link down. Below remember if guys curious from wayfarer it’s really, really nice really cute like got that over here and. Then over here just have this console table, with.

Just lamp a little plant cross up there. Want find something else to put here sure, what do with that’s just it’s looking right some. Chases toys underneath there yeah here’s just another glance, living room oh then have side table thingy over. Here this from wayfarer to like last year, think house and just have some blankets and a. Pillow that never really and you know couple, bins with some stuff in diaper stuff chases books. Under there then this way is kitchen much, changed in here don’t think since that we moved. Finally hung some curtains.

Up on window over, here them at walmart these curtains here from overstock. Think really like those hung those just have, a little over there thinking about getting over here. Like i’m gonna sink under dish with that thing, called dishwasher i just feel like would pain. Not trying sweep crumbs and around rugged stuff kind, of just left with then we just have kitchen. Table a better angle here you got kitchen table, this mom’s old table it’s childhood table yeah it’s. Working fine right is kind wobbly own house we’re, definitely gonna new table right this what we’re using.

. It’s working yeah this kitchen it’s looking these days, then down this hallway basement it’s down here. I’ll show you that later then this bathroom didn’t, really much here besides hanging shower curtain know you. Still have bathroom here i might want haven’t seen, anything that like know i got that know. Pretty much the same when guys before i added, little plant here which think is really really. Cute from the target dollar section just love that, right there that’s pretty much it didn’t really. Much there at all then this room don’t, even really know what.

Call this room i kind. Call playroom call it little room it’s kind, like a catch room have laundry here the toy. Chases toys i’ve done some of other toys, over there here his still plays this this is. From when moved into house and he still, plays can’t of that then over here have. These two plastic drawer thingies this is where keep, chases clothes and even some clothes like have. Like socks underwear stuff there stuff that don’t want, upstairs for night what i’m getting ready take shower. Just have some stuff here but that’s basically.

What, using a dresser like keeping his clothes downstairs it’s. Just much easier than having like and down stairs, stuff long so that’s over there then don’t. Look at that that’s gracie’s like pad thingies where, goes potty then i have like clothes drying. Rack right there then there’s just basket that keep, throw diaper in and couple other random little. Bags that might need we’re going out somewhere then, just coat rack on this door hang some. Jackets here some sweaters stuff like that then bath, towels all hanging here because don’t have enough room. Bathroom hang.

All of towels also they just, dry better here it gets humid bathroom then in this. Closet like everything closet it’s like linen closet, guess cuz have like towels here it’s like don’t. Know it’s good have like medicine like first, just like bathroom stuff that doesn’t in the bathroom. Extra diapers pads my vacuum fits this closet, this closet is just everything don’t really have like. Don’t have real linen closet and don’t have, like bathroom closet like bathroom storage yeah can see. This pretty crammed packed full of everything then, over here is madison’s room it’s.

Just what. Her room looking like closet door doesn’t close we’re, just leave it open kind works because she’s storage. Here she can usually just like pull toys, out and them back have worry about opening closing. Door and then this just little cubby thing where, they call these things cube organizers that kind. Using a dresser storage has some clothes these bins and, bottom actually this one has close some toys. Here so yeah we’re using this dresser was gonna, dresser since are moving just figured it’s more thing. That we’d have move might as well just, wait.

That then over here just little desk. Two little drawer organizer thingies has a full like, stuffed animals and dolls stuff then that green. Bin has extra toys because doesn’t have that much, storage closet and we couldn’t have toys in there. It’s just toys there and then some books, then another thing i’ve done storage room is keep. Stuff under bed i’ve like sheets that and then, those other bins like toys and there’s also. Some clothes under there that like summer clothes, and we didn’t painting gonna paint actually bought paint. And everything just figured that.

It was gonna much, work much time just wasn’t worth do in just. House that only plan on being year gonna, save the paint we’ll that paint in our house. Also hallway just have this clipboard thing that, made it’s cork board that covered with fabric just because. Cork ugly just put fabric over some pushpins, and i painted edge hung like string across really. Like this thing i’ve really long time and just, hang like invitations or cards whatever whatever kind. Of little things that want save just clip there, yeah just have this this wall want show.

. You guys that because don’t have many decorations house, it’s like of two decorations couldn’t leave that out. Then this wall just have our hanging hook, found this at homegoods a years still have that too. Know will show guys the basement keep mind, that basement is pretty much gregg’s area don’t. Even really come down here anymore except laundry yeah, just keep that mind this door that we come. From come down into this little area i’ve, shoe rack here some hooks jackets and stuff just. Over here that’s kind of like little makeshift, mudroom i guess like.

Boot rack over here or. Tray then this what the basement looking like, we’ve got cube thing over here that wasn’t living. Room house and really like this thing it’s kind, living room upstairs down here it’s working good storage. Down here and then have love seat down, here and just little just make it look little. Cozier down here greg’s got whatever his stuff there, know it’s just like the little area over. Here then back here computer area guess this greg’s, desk don’t touch it however then this is desk. What desk where i used work stuff.

I have, laptop work upstairs this kind like gonna turn. Into like family computer guess madison uses play games, stuff and should probably homework too at some point. That then we just have some other like, random stuff i table over there that our printers. It yeah then here laundry room just know washer, and dryer heater above guys have seen that already. Just laundry room and then this closet over, here we have filled shelf in here holds bunch. Stuff extra food just random things things that from, costco we’ll in here it’s pretty crammed packed. In here yeah.

It’s good it’s of there’s storage, here which we need yeah like this closet. So yeah that basement looking and those bins greg, stuff that has to garage storage yeah that’s looks. Down here chase is awake might well upstairs and, show room room so here’s stairs upstairs let’s go. There’s bathroom there i’ll show that too music, this chases room don’t know you guys remember. Room looks the doors right here then when, come in have this little section over here then. This like whole other section room it’s kind of, oddly shaped room it’s a pretty.

Room think. Crib just over here monitor there just had this, little storage organizer thingy that just sound machine. It and tissues then just have this thing floor, it’ll have for that yeah it’s where’s that. Thing called vaporizer think hung some curtains room just, have one curtain over there then one curtain over. Here night just closed them works fine have some, extra toys here just like big toys that. Like rotate once a while then just have, dresser over here don’t keep clothes in here except like. Clothes that he’s outgrown those just clothes that are, small.

Have put away just keep bunch random. Stuff in here just storage things we just have, bins here these of them madison’s extra toys. Like more extra toys them like chase’s extra toys, keep a trampoline here when we’re not using then. Over here his closet just this closet storage mainly, have huge full clothes outgrown then have like. oTher baby stuff here that don’t anymore just random, stuff it’s pretty big closet it’s awkward shape. With a slanted ceiling works then this half bathroom, here i haven’t really done much here we don’t. This bathroom very often.

I didn’t much know, a little rugged mistake towel and this curtain gave. I just hung that there it’s really dark here, there cart in this storage thing here when we. Moved just left not gonna bother with know, trying to take anything it’s very wobbly though like. Don’t know tell it’s very unstable don’t touch that, yeah basically it’s half bathroom and then here greg’s. Room so this what looks like yeah our bed, over here this little cutout thing this like. Weird shaped room too over here we finally nightstands, first time lives together got matching nightstands really excited about.

. That these the ones from walmart forget cross, smell i think style whatever from walmart like like. Them like them yeah of them then don’t mind, clothes on the floor there greg’s there’s nothing. I can about really they’re always there wasn’t about, pick them up for this video this just. Real there’s always clothes floor clothes on floor side, though let’s point that this bed i want like. Like white blanket just blanket really so i’ve been, looking one and then actually just have own separate. Blankets because like sometimes greg cold which is normally, like i’ll want.

A blanket then won’t want. The blanket it’s just easier just have separate blanket, with both like sheet the white cotton blanket then. Want an extra blanket have extra blanket that’s that’s, weird working then just have this whole like built. Closet thing there’s greg side then share these drawers, here like i’ve mine over here over here. Then that’s closet like hanging clothes stuff then here, it’s just closet like chases room just random storage. Here there just some random stuff up here that, didn’t have anywhere to put downstairs just here. Umm but yeah there that’s the house tour.

Hope, guys enjoyed watching jace come on that’s house story. Hope you guys enjoyed watching give this video a, thumbs don’t forget this come what laughing the chase. Won’t stop laughing this video chase won’t stop, laughing oh no don’t that that’s house

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